Welcome to Benlon
  Benlon India Ltd, a multi-locational Synthetic yarn manufacturing company was established in December 1994. Company is having 5 manufacturing units in New Delhi & Haryana State.  

Benlon enjoys clear leadership in the field of Nylon Conventional Dyed Yarn which is being used for Hosiery, Products & Polyster Bright Trilobal Air Textured Yarn consumed by the weaving industry. The company is having 2000 MT per annum installed capacity to produce Conventional Synthetic Dyed Yarn and 3000 MT per annum capacity for Spinning Synthetic Dope Dyed Yarn which includes Nylon & Polyester Yarn. No other company in the country is manufacturing all the three types of Synthetic Yarns.

In a Market conditions Where the market is made of commodity products, Benlon creates speciality products for the special applications for fabrics. Benlon from time to time has innovated and introduced new products in the market. Presently Company is manufacturing Nylon/ Polyester Conventional Dyed Yarn and Nylon, Polyeser Conventional Dyed Yarn and Nylon, Polyester & Dope Dyed Yarn in different Deniers, Lusters, Cross-Sections and in vast colour range.